Separator Packages

Customized Process Design & engineering solutions for the Oil & Gas industry.

Separator Packages

Production & Test Separators

Test separators are used for breaking down the crude oil with associate water, gas & sand production.

There are two phase separators that withdraw natural gas from crude oil production. This way it is feasible to measure both gas production and crude oil production which could include water on it.

Three phase separators perform the breakdown for the oil, water & gas emulsion. The separation of these three crude oil fluid components is performed with our test separator with accurate flow meter capabilities for each one of the separated fluids.

We use internals components to improve the separation tasks, like vanes, inlet deflector, mist extractor, baffles & weir plates.

High quality instrumentation such as: level controllers, level gauges, control valves, flow meters, etc. are used to achieve the separation task and accurate measurements as desired by end users.

Test separator are designed according ASME code, the instrumentation is selected to comply with NACE code, ISO 9001 standard schema is used for assurance fabrication quality, with full traceability for each component.

Two & Three Phase Separators

  • Primary equipment for Separation of Liquid & Gas (Two Phase) or Oil, Water & Gas (Three Phase) from Oil Well Stream.
  • Designed & Manufactured as per ASME &API 12J standards.
  • Internal Inlet Impingement Baffles, Wave Baffles, Flow Straightening Baffles, Weirs, Mist Eliminators & Vortex Breakers provided for effective Separations.
  • Equipment adequately designed to allow sufficient retention period.
  • Controls & Instrumentation provided to accurately measure the Gas, Oil & Water Flow rates, regulate the Pressure and Monitor the levels of Oil, Water in the Separator.
  • Automated Liquid (Oil & Water) removal system provided.
  • Large Size / Pressure Range.
  • Compact, Skid Mounted System can also be provided.

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