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Customized Process Design & engineering solutions for the Oil & Gas industry.

About Oilsep Process Solutions Ltd

Oilsep Process Solutions Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 approved Process design & engineering company specializing in the custom design & supply of Downstream Process equipment for the Oil & Gas industry. We design, optimize & deliver tailored process packages specific to the client’s project requirements. Our clientele includes Oil & gas Operators, EPC’s and Vessel manufacturers.

With decades of proven experience, we provide a wide range of engineering and project management solutions to serve our clients in developing new facilities, as well as effectively applying innovative, sustainable and efficient technologies to upgrade and expand the existing facilities.

In particular, we specialize in the design and supply of fully assembled and tested, skid mounted modular production & processing equipment which includes Desalters, Dehydrators, Separators and various other Separation processes.

We also provide Process internal solutions for Desalter-Dehydrator packages, Separator packages and columns by providing Process guarantees for clients specific output requirements.

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